Clients, Testimonials, and Case Studies 

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20 Years of Telemarketing Experience

With 20 years of experience in sales and teleservices, we serve the top companies in cable, telecommunications, energy and other industries including many Fortune 500 companies. Watch our video to learn more about our state-of-the-art contact center.

Industry Leading Sales Results

SatCom Marketing is the sales leader with the highest close rates in the industry. Find out how our experience can help you deliver on your next campaign.

Award Winning Call Quality

Our agents are monitored by an independent Quality Monitoring firm and receive the highest scores compared to other top teleservices companies. Find out just how much higher our quality scores are than our competition.

Regulatory Compliance

SRO Accredited by the Professional Association of Customer Engagement. Find out how we keep you in compliance with the ever-changing federal and state telemarketing regulations.

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Results Driven Telemarketing Solutions

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The list of MSO’s we have worked for is a veritable Who’s Who of the Cable and Telecommunications industry.  We’ve also worked for clients in a variety of other industries including Energy, Technology, Fund Raising, Survey & Data Collections, Healthcare and more.  To hear more about what our clients think of us, check out some recent testimonials or contact us for a list of client references.



Hear what our clients have to say about working with SatCom Marketing…

“You guys have been doing a super job – first place with the quality scores, and then also with the sales results. I appreciate that SatCom is such a responsive partner to Time Warner Cable!”

Corporate Director - Sales Channels, Time Warner Cable

“SatCom has done a wonderful job for us. We are very pleased with both the quantity and quality of sales we get from them. There are no backend problems...none. That really keeps my Customer Service Department happy, which is priceless itself!”

Vice President - Sales & Marketing, General Communications Inc. (GCI)

“SatCom provides us the results we have come to expect from our telemarketing vendors. They handle just about every aspect of the business for us...all the way down to the order entry on every sale they make...and it's done flawlessly.”

Corporate Marketing Director, Suddenlink Communications



Case Studies

Client Case Study #1

CLIENT: A top 20 multi-system operator of cable television systems
CLIENT CHALLENGE: Drop in completed installations month over month
SATCOM SOLUTION: Provide daily list of incomplete installations from the previous day and allow us to contact the customer to reschedule and when applicable sell and/or upsell the customer.

Metric Client Expectation SatCom Results
Sales to Presentation: 10% 30%
Cost Per RGU: $50.00 $28.00
Completed Connect %: 75% 89%

The Result: This project was a test and it passed – let’s keep it going indefinitely.


Client Case Study #2

CLIENT: A top 20 multi-system operator of cable television systems
CLIENT CHALLENGE: In need of Video Revenue Generating Units quickly and at a conservative cost per sale.
SATCOM SOLUTION: Contact Data Only subscribers to add Video Service and bundled with a Data Speed Upgrade. Offer: Double Internet Speed & add Video service for a bundled rate of $xx.xx per month!

Metric Client Expectation SatCom Results
Sales to Presentation: 12% 21%
CPS  $75.00 $43.00

The Result: This project is very successful and paying for itself.


Client Case Study #3 (Regulatory Focus)

CLIENT: A leading energy supplier
CLIENT CHALLENGE: Before they became a client of ours, the client’s outsourced telemarketing vendors were not closely following Federal and State regulatory requirements. This led to some costly and unnecessary legal challenges for the client.
SATCOM SOLUTION: SatCom was fortunate enough to call the residence of the Client’s CEO, to sell him on the services of another SatCom client. The CEO so impressed with our sales consultant’s pitch, and his use of our required TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) scripting, that he asked to speak with someone to learn more about SatCom. We talked to the CEO and explained our SRO (Self-Regulatory-Organization) Accreditation through the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE); at the time there were only about 15 call centers throughout the country that had earned that designation. At that point, he put us in touch with his VP of Sales and Marketing. After several meetings and a call center tour, they engaged decided to test us and see how we would do with a campaign.

THE RESULT: SatCom reviewed a list of all states the client does business in and made sure all regulatory requirements were in order. Scripts were written to reflect regulatory requirements of the various states that were to be part of the campaign. SatCom sales agents were also trained on regulatory nuances associated with the campaign. The client was happy with very-apparent focus on regulatory matters and pleased with the production as well.
Client Feedback: The client was impressed with the discipline and knowledge reflected in our training documents and scripting. It was very clear to them that we had a firm grasp of everything important to them. The client was also very relieved to find out that they didn’t have to sacrifice quality and production, for regulatory compliance.

Client Case Study #4 (NEW PRODUCT SALES FOUCS)

CLIENT: A leading cable television provider
CLIENT CHALLENGE: The client introduced a new product that hadn’t been moving quite like they had expected. Because of the critical importance of meeting new product growth objectives, the client asked us for a proposal and a forecast of expected results over a six week period.
SATCOM SOLUTION: In order to meet their sensitivities to this unbudgeted project, we reinforced the basic premise that not all customers are created equally – not all will respond at the same rate, all other things being equal. Targeting and list segmentation was going to be critical in delivering exceptional results. The type of offer used was going to be very important too. Because of the nature of the new product, the client understood that they needed to be very aggressive with their offer. They approved an offer that couldn’t be found anywhere else along with a free professional installation. Because of this, we were able to build a sense of urgency with the customers while we had them on the line.
Interestingly, the client approved a 30 day money back guarantee but we decided not to use it. We felt like the offer was aggressive enough and we didn’t think we needed to throw the kitchen sink at the customers, especially right out of the gate. We agreed that we would incorporate that 30 day money later on if customer response didn’t meet expectations.

THE RESULT: Hats off to the client for being aggressive with the tactics they approved. Results surpassed the expectations of everyone. Because of the segmentation work that went in to the project beforehand, the customers we called, we knew, would be open to the product, price and free installation. In fact, at one point, due to installation capacity, we needed to throttle back sales volume.

Metric  Client Expectation SatCom Results
Number of Sales in 6 weeks: 5,000 5,497
Sales to Presentation ??? ???

Client Feedback: The client, at all levels within the organization, was very happy that they were able to deliver on their growth objectives for this important new product. They said that no other tactic could have delivered such a huge volume of sales in such a short amount of time. They also acknowledged that being aggressive with the offer was very important because there are limited opportunities to reach out to any one customer throughout the course of a year – they know they only had the proverbial, once chance to make a first impression.


Client Case Study #5 (RETENTION FOUCS)

CLIENT: A leading energy supplier
CLIENT CHALLENGE: In the competitive environment they operate in, the client was interested in stemming the loss of “controllable” disconnects that were still in a pending status.
SATCOM SOLUTION: This client, like most, is very sensitive to production and cost. After discussing their specific campaign goals, objectives and offer criteria, we reviewed the calling list. After analyzing all the data available to us, SatCom recommended a variety of offer and segmentation tactics that they hadn’t considered before.

THE RESULT: We delivered results that surpassed their expectations and because of that, they gave us more work and over the course of just a few months, they named us as their primary telemarketing vendor.

Metric Client Expectation SatCom Results
Sales to Presentation N/A 51%
Cost/Save $30 $28

Client Feedback: The client was happy with the quality and production we were able to deliver – they like the fact that SatCom Marketing is not just a sales organization; we are a solutions-oriented marketing organization that helps clients maximize their ROI. They also liked the fact that they were working with one of few companies throughout the country that is SRO (Self-Regulatory-Organization) Accredited by The Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE). The client was so happy with the quality and production of our outbound work, they’ve also asked us to do inbound sales work.

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